The Incidence in Academy of Art-Musical Performance Night

Oh, so before my egg-mask is dried completely and my Surface is fully charged, I need to get this one off my chest then, I can fully focus on my cramp-time for final exam tomorrow morning.

It happened five days ago, yet, the scene appeared vividly in my brain. I think I could not get it out but I do think I should; otherwise, I will never think better of humanity. One of our girls in Summer of Love does the costume job for the musical play “Hair” in Academy of Arts and she invited everybody to attend. If you go with her, it will be free. I love everything that is free, of course, who does not. We set a date and time to wait for her in the lobby. However, a cute blonde with a bunny asked me if I could help him at the “hangout”, he needed to leave town early. Well, I need that sum sum to do what everybody knows, so I agreed. I didn’t realize it was on the same date as the play. I played as hard as I could to hurry home and got dress. Man, it was like a one time of a millions for me (you know, have an excuse to really dress up). I was a bit carried away with my shaving, and, there was a new unexpected roommate arrived on that day too. Eric and I thought there would be no new roommate since Liam, the last one, left yet, paid in full for May rent. Frank would not find any one and we would enjoy our one-month breathing lightly with just two persons. Damn, it was not work that way. They always want more and more profit. It means SOL would receive double pay this May. Dang it! Greedy! Anyhow, the new roommate, Pat, is very cute and quite shy. Well, I am not sure if he is shy but it seems so however as my Mum usually says, never judge people at a first glance; only to sleep with them to know if there is any rug. I might remember some details too extreme. Lol. It is a whole another story; I will spend a chapter for it later. Let’s move on to the main event.

As I was talking nonstop to Pat and his friend, then Adrienne showed up, which meant it was 7.30pm and I wasn’t dressed nor finished my makeup routine (check out my contour and highlight on the link below to my other blog- you might as well like it). Normally, it would take about 2 hours to completely have it done nicely however, considered the situation, I wrapped up everything in less than 20 mins, including putting on my fab fur and heels. Speaking of fur, omg, I bought it for so long, wanting to show off in the winter but never got a chance. SF’s winter was too hot, even for me. Therefore, it was a great time for me to finally put it on and walked like a queen. In addition, my DVF (2 months savings) fitted nicely with the fur and the rest of the outfit. I was super hyped. Unfortunately, though I tried to be as quick as I could, it was 7.50 and Tasha (costume girl) and others had left. Adrienne and I decided we would walk there anyhow; all dressed up, and cannot just cancel. By the time we got there, it was about 8.30pm. I tricked the door girl and got in for free. Yup! Always a great advantage to dress nice and look fab in this city. First half of the show was great. I couldn’t imagine there would be so many skin…half-naked men running around in their fab-abs. I was arguing with Ad one of the black guy’s abs weren’t real. They look surreal and too hard. How on Earth could he have such…hard-on abs. Plus, while he was dancing, they didn’t flex at all (Ad was right, those muscles were real. How did I know? I finally “grabbed” and smoothed around them. Yeah baby, I did! Moreover, they felt so awesome! I should have dropped my numbers down below. His lil bro might keep them for him until whenever he felt like taking it off. Lol) As I was watching, there was a boy stood up and tried to get out to the main aisle. Good memory as I have, I reckoned him before the light turned off but didn’t give much thought. Suddenly, he felt off and fainted on the ground. Yes, fainted! People was like asking how he was doing but no one, no one bothered to stand up and check his pulse or whatever. I left my fur coat to Ad and walked to him, helped to carry him to a nearby table in a corner. One guy gave me a half-finished bottle of water so I could give it to the fainted boy. How thoughtful of him! But wait! I asked him several questions to keep him awake. Then he told me he could hardly breathe, so I decided to take him outside. You know kind of door that shuts by itself. This theater had that same door, so I put one leg to open the door, two arms pulling him and the other leg used to balance his heavy asses and mine. Forgot to tell you, my left foot DVF heel broke as I entered the theater. Gosh, it killed me inside. That expensive heels that I only got to wear one time and it already broke?! How lucky -.- With my broken heel on, I couldn’t balance very well, plus he was too heavy, as a result, his body once again fell off to the ground but this time pulling me with him. I was somewhat helpless at that moment. So saw a person walked by was like a savior. I was wrong. I asked for his help. All he did was gave me a strange look then walked over the poor boy body and…just fukin left! MTF! I went back in the theater and asked Ad for help. I brought him all the way to the Canteen while Ad ran down looking for help. Another disappointment when I got up there. I saw a Mexican guy living in SOL. As a matter of fact, we did drink together one or two times. Therefore, I reached to him for help, saying this boy was very heavy. You know what, he gave me blank look and just fukin stood there doing nothing. Again, the poor boy fell to the ground. Gosh, I felt so bad. I wished I could have been stronger to carry him properly. I took off all my belongings, went down and tried to pick him up. His eyes still shut off. There was a big tall person standing next to his left feet. I once again tried the kindness in humanity, asked for help…three times before he finally took off his plastic gloves and pick the boy up not forgetting to complain how heavy and why does he have to do such thing?!?!! We got him on the couch. Phew. I told the tall person to go down and call 911 or something. He went off with an attitude. By this time, I was rather fed up with all the attitude people gave me. I mean, look at this boy, I didn’t know he was on drug or something but he was sick. I tried my best to help him, not as if I was drunk and gave them dumb demands or else.

A while later, the boy told me he guessed he got food poisoning. Man, I know how terrible it would feel because it happened to me twice. You lost power of your whole body. You feel paralyzed and helpless. I understood then. I went off to the kitchen and grabbed him some milk, of course, received not so friendly attitude from the kitchen staff. I pushed him to drink. Why milk? The study shows that if you ate something wrong or burn yourself, milk is best to clean the toxic. Or perhaps watch Conan, he did the same thing when his formal teacher tried to drink the lemon soda with poison from her beyonce. A touching story, go search it yourself. 10 mins later, a security guard came up to the Canteen with Ad and started taking information from Ad and I. Holy Sh*t, I lied to get in for free and now he wanted to see my ID. Gosh, I tried to help here, why did it fall upon me? Of course, once you lied, you needed to make up some more to cover up the first one…Luckily, the med staff went up and clear the situation down, an opportunity for me to sneak out. I gave Ad a head wink signaling, “let’s sneak out” but then again, people just have to piss me off again. The b*tch from med asked Ad some questions as we headed out. Ad didn’t know much to answer so I came over and asked her if she needed any info because I was with him the entire time and I was happy to help. Not even looked at me, she kept asking Ad again. Of course, Ad said she didn’t know much. So, as an Aquarius, I don’t let think go easy especially, if she disrespected me. I asked her again. Without giving me a look, that beyotch walked away, “No”. No what?! You mtf b^%$. I said that out loud. Ad was scared so she pushed me to go downstairs. Yeah, the b^$3 should hear it because it who she was. B*tch!

We went back to the play however; my head was not into it anymore. I was so upset at the way people reacted to the situation. Were they heartless?! What if it was happened to their sisters, mother on the street and no one would offer a hand? What would they think then?! At the end of the play, the main actor died in his country uniform. Now that was a heroic model people should follow. You can barely help a human being in needed, how you are going to sacrifice yourself to your country. I guess modern world destroys the basic concepts of being kind.

Watching the 2015 version of Cinderella reminds me of what it means to be courage and be kind. Cliché yet, many people do not understand what it means.

To end this chapter, I want to rephrase few words from Mother Teresa; it pretty much sums everything I have to say:

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

          If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.

          If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.

           What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.

          If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.

          The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.

       Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.

        In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.



Here is the link to check out my outfit and makeup routine for the night:




Whether I am a girl, a boy or in between, why is it such a big of a deal in this world? I thought it is 21st century, and those typical narrow minded people ain’t existed! Apparently, they are and seem to run an underground rebellious against what it means to be a truly loving human being: discrimination against sexist. Being a pretty looking face and an amazing personality is purely white bone (or yellow if you ain’t taking care of them) nothing more, nothing less. Why do we care so much to force on somebody you don’t know to identify themselves? You don’t even know yourself so don’t do it to others! I heard a 14 years old kid killed himself because of such racism. It should not be happening.
My first Vlog comjng out as who I truly desire. Fk all criticism, I am who I am and who I wanna be:
Trans, gay, les…does it matter!



Like I said, it only gets better and it does.
It is the best Valentine day of all years- I reckon, for me. I am so happy, extremely! Not that Beyonce comes down and asks me to perform as backup dancer for her show nor I receive a Green card. Nothing is as close. It is just that after so many things have had happened to my life, I learn to treasure every little thing – every little good thing comes my way. I love. Smile. Hold them up and dream further. I thank God everyday for what I have. I am thankful to Buddha for what he has given to my beautiful soul. I have one. It is mess up but is learning to make the most out of it :)) this is how I see life *^.^*

A day before Valentine, I thought it would turn out sucks as it always was…I was glad to know I got a call to the ‘hangout’. So i did not have to suffer alone. Later last night, I received many presents from mom and we talked all night. Then, I spent the rest of the morning to do my homework assignment (till 4.30am). Super excited to get my hands on Vidivici primer and luminous liquid cream. Yay! 01.50pm, I rushed to the ‘hangout’. I walked so fast it took only 7 mins to get there (average time is 15 mins). I breathed like a horse. Sassy Aquila gave me this sweet Valentine’s present


Ah, so sweet, gave her a hug whilst Axel went out for his beach day ^^ later on, Italia asked if I wanted to play somewhere else. Well, I was so happy, why not?! I went to a new ‘hangout’ and saw this cute long blond hair dude. My head popped up with Kendra’s smiling face. He is exactly her type. Don’t know what went through me but I asked him without hesitation plus showed Kendra’s photo to him! He liked her! Yay and of course gave me his Facebook account. Damn, he must have thought I was kind of crazy or some sort. Keke, I don’t care. I love my friends.


Another present from Aquila. She is so sweet.

I met Tiffani and Mariah at the new ‘hangout’ whom had excellent personalities. Tiff bought me this…Oh my Gosh! I know that consider my lack of lactose I should have not drank this…hell to it…I needed one! It is a single Valentine in USA!


Sooo good! You can’t imagine how incredible a Frappucino with double chocs, extra ice and whip cream would feel in your throat. Amazing!!!
Then came with this fatty salad


(Bacon, spicy sausage, turkey, vegies, spring mix, asian dressing, ranch dressing, Bbq sauce and of course fatty mayonnaise!) hmmm, yum!!!!

I was supa excited (a bit tired in the end) at a new play ground. Came home giving Kendra the good news so she could check and see if she likes him. Got these xoxo


Hahahah, feel like it is my birthday not Valentine at all. So good.

People at SOL are preparing for the night. So cute and…supa red. Well, for the first time, I will skip the fun and concentrate on my assignments… Plus, I need to wake up like 7am and spend the rest of the day at a new playground. Tsk, I have to cancel the Lunar New Year dinner at brother Phat’s house. Such a pity. But you cannot do too much. I only have one body. Need to make a decision and scarify one’s needs -.- Well, it doesn’t matter much because I am supa happy. Nothing can bring me down xoxo


Happy Valentine’s day beautiful,
Teeliciouss xoxo


Oh my Gosh ! I am so happy right now. It is like my birthday all over again :))

Midterm assignments, homework, team meetings, hangout…really take a toll on me…I barely have enough sleep lately and my skin starts break-out a lot. Well, concealer covers most of them ugly pimples however, I believe it would not do my skin any good. Thus, Valentine is coming up. With my single status, it ain’t a good feeling. So many articles saying “….good reasons to be single in Valentine”… Bullshit! It would never be a good one. So against logic of love. Then, have love ever been reasonable!?!

Anyway, screw all that, it is my happiest day! I recently received birthday presents from mom. Gosh! She sent me a CK undies collection I almost forget I left home. Lol. And the pretty lucky gold ring along with my favorite brand Dolce&Gabbana cologne. Awwww. So sweet!


She didn’t know my ring measurement so I told her to measure her finger and pretty mine will be the same. I guess the only beautiful part I received from her are my long and gorgeous fingers. The ring fits me so well as I have expected.


Whilst I was talking to beautiful Jasmine Knox (she was going on about her Valentine gift, which sent on the morning a day ago with a box of strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce. I saw the photo on fb and got so jealous ^^), I punched the wood stair’s handle saying I am so lucky to be single. Yeah right! Erika called a package arrived for me. Turned out there were two. Oh my Gosh! My highlighter and luminous reflexion primer from Vidivici, a Korean brand, I ordered last month. They were dated to arrive around March 13 but arrived today- a day before Valentine. Awww! They are like my sweet Valentine presents from the other Tee.


That is the reason you need to love and respect yourself more than anything and more than anyone else! Only you can understand what you need. Only you can give you love! Love yourself no matter what!

I believe no matter what happen, it would only get better and so I stumbled on this clip. Aside the fact this college footballer is coming out, let concentrate on the main point “It only gets better” BELIEVE IN YOU! TRUST YOU!
It only gets better

So happy to see my bestie RJ happy and share my new recipe of spicy Italian sausage tomato chunky. They all loved it. Muah. I do love it too #awesome #chef #teeliciouss aye



Have a good night and after I have done with my midterm, I will see you soon xoxo


As an old saying, “Time flies quick, better pick your dick up in  a right direction fast or you might end up loose both dick and balls”, or it is …Tee’s saying. Either way, it is true. A carefully made decision from a beginning could bring you a long way ahead plus satisfy most of your concerns and worries. Why I am babbling about this today?! Does it make any sense? Well, it does not matter because it is my birthday today. A big two-night birthday ever. So, I don’t give a shit anyway!

I made a decision that I had to leave Vietnam…soon. I knew exactly where I needed to be: America. My American dream. People would tend to laugh to hear such from me. America is no longer a filthy rich country nor placed as number one in economy. Americans are suffering from losing job, bad health care system, etc… then I came along! Understandable, however, it does not mean there is no opportunity. There always is, if I make one! I make opportunities come to me. When they do, I make sure I am ready to grab each and every one of them.

Took me awhile to look around for scholarships and finally stopped at one. Step two was searched for funding for tuition fees, living costs and a flight ticket. Believe me when I said it was a long harsh and complicated process. Ugly truth revealed. Pretty much destroyed family’s reputation(?), bonding …and may I say, trust. It was such a dark time for both my mother and I. Everyday ended up with tears, convincing, consolidation, alcohol and loud music behind close doors. There was a point that I would call my mum out and blamed most things on her then later learned terrible truth regarding the family lies. I mean, dig up a whole new dimension of complicated relationship. If you cannot trust your own family, who else could you put your heart on? No wonder why I have a trust issue.

It seemed such a long time but actually only about 3 months for everything to settled, I, with a ticket, walked straight to the airport without looking back. Must say, the living conditions here  are not heaven like. 700 USD for a bed, everything requires money, from textbooks to team projects, dinners. I walked to school. Ate approx. 1 meal a day… I tried my best to save as much as I could for a little sum of money mum had given to me. I, though, have a great problem with shopping addiction, especially, shoes. Haiz. I have always been struggled with this but never as much as it is now. Like I feel I could go sleeping on the street because of this bad habit or hobby. Aside all that, I am happy at where I am. School is difficult but amazing. What could I do better than learning what I love everyday for the first time of my 28 years. It gets my slow brain to work a bit harder rather than party hard like I used to be. Read books, write essays, debates….on top of that, show my personality through everything I do—>the best thing of San Francisco itself. So now, after 4 months, I have a feeling I am reborn to this city. As Luis, a smarty-delicate Spanish boy, said “It is surprised how much this guy has grown”. I didn’t understand what he meant but as soon as he reminded me of my very first day in SOL, when we had a conversation regarding soul and material needs. I was all about material. I had enough soul to be a kind person, I needed money to deliver my life to the best position I could possibly deserve and so I said. Just then, whilst having ice-cream with RJ and helping him get through his crisis, I advised him to put more soul and consideration in his action toward others. Lol. Ironic right?! I guessed I didn’t recognize I have changed until Luis had brought it up. Kind of a nice feeling. I couldn’t believe that he remembered that conversation though. Oh…. Tee of yesterday!

Back to present, it is my birthday. We (sis Nguyen, sis Nhu and I) planned to wait for sis Nhu’s family to fly back to the US today then we will throw a big combined birthday for me and sis Nguyen (23 of Jan). She even practices pole dancing for it. I want to join too. It could be supa awesome!!! Well, with no doubt, the midterms happen to be held tomorrow afternoon, and Monday. The weekend is filled with responsibilities. Gosh, it has to be this week -.- of course, turned everything down, no celebration, no dinner, no time for anything. Having said that, I am not totally upset. As a matter of fact, I am happy. I learn to take love with everything you have. I had been to some unspeakably terrible times. Consequence, having to live my life the way I want like it is now, it is a privilege. There is nothing else I could dream of. Anything extra is beautifully appreciated however, if not, I am totally fine. Apparently, Facebook does not show my birthday notification, somehow, some friends learned about it and came to me with great wishes. My team, Naked Tree, gave me a surprised b’day present. It was the sweetest thing considering living far from home and friends at this critically emotional moment. Awww!!! With a total giving-me-all-attention Aquarian characteristic, these gestures just made my da! With a loose count, so far, this year, I received roughly 302 b’day wishes and congrats. Oh, how lucky I am. Yay yah!

unnamed (9)

I can’t go anywhere too far this weekend, however, I managed to take a little trip to this spectacular Coit Tower during a team meeting break. What do I normally say? San Francisco has an amazing view!!! Of course, compares to New Zealand, SF would be nothing. Sorry 🙂

unnamed (6) unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

unnamed (2) unnamed (7) unnamed (8)

photo (1)

On the way to the stairs, there he is, one fat moon cat ^^


Have a goodnight beautiful! I am going to prepare for exam tomorrow xoxo


Happy lay lah lah


It has been a month since I came back to this beautiful sun dance. The music was delightful and upbeat. You could literally move your feet in almost every song.

We came too late so missed the line dance teaching. Oh my Gosh! I love the line dance. So powerful. So fun!!! Loving the twists ^^ my hair was flowing in the air. And y’all babes, those shoes I was wearing was made for dancing. Love the clacking sound from heels. So hot🎸🎷🎸! Like music to my ears. RJ was so damn hot. He swung off the ground and flied towards the ceiling. Well, it is a bit exaggerated but is exactly what I wanted to describe.

Again, must thank to the beautiful couple- The hung Damian and the Mexican Tomb Rider Julio. Delicious curry Damian.



And the sensual R18 adult apple pie. Hmm-mm, take one bite and your dick explode to climax :)) quite unusual aye! Oh well, it is America. They even put their dick into a warm pie to feel the sense of it (from American Pie the movie source) so….



I need this to charge up my energy for the upcoming “gotta-be-crazy” week. Thanks RJ, sweetheart, love to hang out with your bubble gum soul +.+

Perhaps, a little visual so you could have an idea of how amazing the music and the place is. Quite dark so probably can’t see much. Feel the music then ^^

Sweet dream beautiful,


Seriously, I need to change my lifestyle! Sleep like 14 hours a day is sick. People don’t understand how could I do it?! I don’t understand how I could either. Well, I just do it. Lay there and literally sleep all day ;))

Summer of Love bonfire, I so need this. Thanks sweet Kendra and Joanna for making this happen!!!


Put down the softest blanket on the sand, lay my back down and look up to the sky. So black and vividly bright light of stars. Cold. My bare feet is frozen buried deep in the sand. I could feel my life flow right in front of me. My mind is at peace. It fills with love. Like a recharge time. I need this for the upcoming tight schedule and THE midterm exams!!!!

And here are our funny weirdo photos *^.^*












Heart understands what it needs

Must say that I am totally blessed with five long days of holiday and it is only third week of school. Amazing! Having said that, there is a bit not so good because I am suffering from my shoes obsession. My bank account is literally over limited, can’t swipe anymore. Uh hum, it means I am afraid of going out. I might storm in some stores and start purchasing more shoes 😦
It is nice at first, staying home doing nothing. Eat. Sleep. Movie. Then likewise. Oh mine, its killing me.

Gosh! It is like a God sent when it is time for Marlen’s birthday. 22th bd! Kute! I am ready to fly out the door. Pamper myself nicely in 1 hour and 2 hours of crazily makeuping. Perfection does not just simply happen *^.^*


For the first time, Aquarius Teeliciouss is early than everybody. However, look deep to realize most of them were born in January, not an Aquarius but pretty much the same-love to be late -.-

It takes another 2.30 hours for everyone to get ready and to step out of the freakin door. 11.45pm haiz….

Amaze ball! Great fun. I need this!!!! Oh yeah! Beautiful RJ and Marlen totally nail the dance floor. Step up to the stage, do their interpret movements all night long. RJ has a kute admirer, Greg. Unfortunately, Greg is too shy. I learn it is also his bday, so I decide to give him a chance to meet his idol. Hmm, he runs away before I brought RJ over🐒 anyhow, RJ works it girl!

Have never seen Kendra in such a sexy figure. A bit seductive I must say.


Snap shot from my lovely Argishti (your name is so hard to spell bae!)





Favorite shot from him, a high end model blend but not mix in a crowd


And from gorgeous Kendra. Thanks for the jacket. Rocking this shit out!




Beautiful people in my heart, thanks for everything you have done and will in the future (kekekeke). I learn I need no approval from no one but me. And I am happy to know you guys will all accept me in your circle no matter what. Thanks for the love









#fierce #teeliciouss





I would love to end this post with photos next to my beautiful A- it is my honor to hAve you next to me, my dear xoxo (and smile! You look ridiculously handsome when you smile!)





And so it has been a week since the new semester started. It feels kinda strange working with a new team, new members with a new name. Ironically, I am still in a same cohort with a same team number as last semester. Quite cool. I don’t know much of my new teammates yet. Haven’t got around to get to know them, hopefully, I will in the next couple weeks. They all seem to be hardworking bees and hmm, kinda skeptical, some of them. These bonding stuff needs time to settle in anyway so, we will see. I need to learn to chill though. I realize I was a bit too aggressive some time. Jia reminds me it ain’t cool.

Oh yeah, JiA, my best gal eva, we had a little lunch together today. Now that she is in a different cohort, we are physically separated from one another. *sad* it is hard to see her coz our class schedule is different and she rarely checks her fb. We needed this lunch!

We both picked Sushi Boat, which is funny because I just dropped my resume to them last night. Hmm, suddenly came in, dressed up and ate like a royalty *fancy* *^.^* ! I did, btw, reminded them bout my resume ^__^

-cheers to friendship and all look fabulous & fancy-


Feeling like a shop addicted, I picked so many random sashimi as they went on a boat towards me. I craved for sushi in days!!! Just gotta fill in the needs and will starve myself later on…


The wine did not taste as good as the sound of them and Jia felt sick whilst I was a middle of painting my flawless nails (it was 3 hours and 20 mins later). We chatted for more than 3 hours then moved to Shephora to look for night cream. I helped her pick Hydration Dior night cream for dry skin coz it works wonder for me. Hopefully, it would for her too. We planned to go for some movies however, she felt sick and called an Uber home. I was so worried, and so the Shephora staff. They were kind and assisted us through the time. A shout out to the staff and love their beautiful blue eyeliners. I rushed her to the street leaving my other four fingers…unpainted….lol.


I was left alone… The night was young, I could not go home like this😈 it would waste “the product”. By that I mean time spent to put MU on and look gorgeous. So I walked all the way to 16th street dropping my RS to Twice , a second clothes store and somehow got lost to Castro street. Took me nearly 3 hours to figure a safe way home. My feet hurt so bad. I tried to focus my attention to the beautiful surroundings and Steve, a super hot cute geeky guy works at Doubece cafe, where Brian used to work. Well, he shook my hand twice and liked my Egypt t-shirt *wink* I am so going to ask B to set me up! Look at me! So aggressive aye lol!

I finally returned home with a sore feet and a happy smile after the last stop at Diva pub. Long story cut short, people seem to be into me there. Felt belong…gah… So good! Crossing my fingers that the manager will call me back. Super cool if I could literally get hire as a bartender *^.^*

Great fun, sleep tight for the next adventure xoxo

-Pose for the day-#fancylove